Wildheart Nature School was originally inspired by a small group of homeschool families who looking for alternative education options for their children. One of our core founding principles has always been and will always be inclusion of all people regardless of religion, race, and medical choices. With public schools implementing measures such as vaccine requirements and personal protective equipment, we remain a safe haven for families with diverse viewpoints. We nurture an environment of tolerance and respect around each family’s decisions. We have a variety of measures in place such as small stable group sizes, frequent hand washing/sanitization, outdoor settings, and temperature taking at times when the OHA recommends to ensure that everyone remains as healthy as possible. Please see our Communicable Disease Management Plan to understand the significant efforts we are making in this regard. We are proud to say that we have had ZERO positive covid test results out of the hundreds of children we have been served since June, 2020. Please also understand that we have been in communication with the folks making decisions in the Governor’s Office. There are a few key things you should know about the guidelines coming out of that office.

  1. They have publicly stated that they are not considering the potential mental health risks of any of their guidelines.
  2. They are not willing to show organizations the science they are basing their decisions off of.
  3. They are leaving it up to organizations to determine if and how they will be implementing the guidelines. In no way are the guidelines legal requirements for operation.

If you are uncomfortable in an environment where each family and staff member is trusted to make their own decisions regarding vaccines and personal protective equipment, then unfortunately our program is not a good fit for you. The sentiment is, “My and my child’s body, my choice.” If you agree that diversity of thought, honoring of medical choices, and inclusion above all else are values that you align with then we would love to see you in an upcoming outdoor adventure!

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