Powell Plains

Powell Plains camps are located at the Vakker Havn residence on 62800 Powell Butte Hwy, Bend, OR 97701.

Although you should plug in the above address into your gps, the one that you’ll see at the gateway is 62850 and has a Powell Plains sign.

Enter driveway through green gate. Follow the rainbow cones past the wooden barn, to the school parking area. Please stay clear of any construction zones onsite.

Near the Bend Airport, 120 acres of pasture, forest and ponds, surrounded by untouched BLM land.  This expansive property allows for classes to explore and discover various landscapes, participate in farm tasks, and be protected in the shade and shelter of the pine and juniper forest. For parking, follow the dirt road past several buildings onsite, to the turn-around loop just beyond the large barns. Class shelters will be tucked along the edge of the forest further down the dirt road. Please stay on the designated dirt road loop on this property, as the road diverges to various pastures for the farmers to access.