Smokey Forest from a Fire

Air Quality Update

Information on Air Quality:

Wildfires in Central Oregon and other areas may be impacting air quality today.

Children are particularly sensitive to smoke because their respiratory systems are still developing.

Parents: Watch the smoke forecast and decide when to limit your child(ren)’s activities. If you do not wish for your child to spend time outdoors, please consider if the activity or program is the right choice for your family this week.


We make decisions about class cancellations on a day-by-day basis. We will be using the AQI data closest to our class location. Please note that the AQI for downtown Bend may not be the same as the AQI for our locations. On days with smoke, we send an email out by 7:15am with updates.

When air quality is between 1-100 (Good and Moderate), program coordinators will decide when and how to modify activities.

Measurements between 101-150 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) will result in modified activities at reduced physical intensity and/or duration at the discretion of program coordinators.

Measurements above 150 (Unhealthy to Hazardous) will result in possible cancellation camps. In the event that the AQI is hovering around 150 but the forecast is calling for a clearing then we may still host camps. If the air quality is 150 or higher in the morning and it is forecasted to stay the same or get worse, we will cancel camps for the day.

Measurements above 200 (Hazardous) will result in mandatory closure of all outdoor activities.

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