One of our very favorite parts about working with children is getting to experience reality through their eyes. Sometimes that reality is so bizarre and different from our own that we can’t help but laugh hysterically and scribble it down to remember for later. We have been documenting our favorite quotes over the years and are pleased to share this compilation. Enjoy!

“You know what that stone looks like to me? Cat fingers.” – Age 6

“These pigs make my dads armpits smell bad. This farm is w-e-i-r-d!” – Age 6

“Me, my mom, and dad don’t go to places with volcanoes.” – Age 6 (Lives in Bend, amidst the volcanic activity of the Cascade mountains)

“Why don’t you live on an asteroid?” – Age 7

“Everyone has broken parts inside of them” – Age 9

Instructor: “You get an A+ for the day.”
Homeschool Student Age 7: “That’s the highest right?”
Instructor: “Yes.”
Student: “Good.”

“Oh, no! My brother is getting faster than me. That’s the horribleness of getting old.” – Age 10

“I’m the top smartest in my family.” – Age 6

“What’s the point in life? What’s the point in school if you’re just going to die in the end?” – Age 7

Instructor: “Have you seen 101 Dalmations?”
Student: “
No I haven’t even seen one!” – Age 5

“Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. That’s my motto.” – Age 5

Two truths and a lie game:
Student: “I was born in Bend, I have a dog, I am divorced.”
Instructor: “What’s the lie?”
Student: “I have a dog.”
– Age 6

“The best thing about being an adult is that no one can tell you NOT to collect things. You know, you can just pick up whatever you want and bring it home and no one can tell you, ‘No.'” – Age 6

Student: “Epi Pens are baaaaad!”
Instructor: “Why is that?”
Student:  “I found one once and jammed it into my leg. I definitely missed the after school play that day!”
Instructor: “How come?”
Student: “Because I was in the hospital! Duh! I had just stuck an epi pen in my leg.” – Age 5