Attuning to the Wild

Camouflage and stalking
Being silent in the woods
Scavenger hunts
Identifying birds and bird calls
Learning bird language
Identifying plants
Heightening the senses

Nature Arts and Crafts

Art in nature
Making journals
Wildlife tracking and sketching
Making hobbit and faerie Houses
Mask Making
Leaf rubbings

Primitive & Survival Skills

Natural rope making
Rabbit hide tanning
Shelter building
Survival skills
Making primitive crafts
Hand drill fire starting
Rattle Making
Drum Making

Nature Alchemy

Making natural glue
Becoming a master tea brewer
Making natural dyes
Making skin elixirs (making salves)
Making natural dyes
Making mad chemist tool kits
Making poultices

Community & Ecology

Exploration teams
Team building challenges
Trust building activities
Communication skills
Environmental stewardship
Nature appreciation activities
Recipe for a forest activity
Influencing the web of life with consciousness

Mindfulness & Ceremony

Gratitude circles
Vision boards
Earth offerings
Making animal calls
Making faerie and hobbit tones

Wild Food and Farming

Identifying edible & medicinal plants
Making wild salads
Making recipes with wild plants
Cooking food over open fire
Making seed balls
Experiencing animals on the farm
Planting seeds

Song & Dance

Nature songs
Conscious movement
Kids Yoga
Nature-make instruments

Example Flow of the Day

Check In
Opening gratitude circle
Morning mindfulness exercise
Inspiration for the day
Ground rules
Running Game
Focus Activity
Sit Spot
Free Time
Gather and sing
Reflect on the day
Homeplay invitations
Closing gratitude and reflection circle