Mommy/Daddy & Me

Nature Exploration for Kids Under 6

Join us at Skyliner Lodge as we explore, learn, play, and spend time with friends!


My son Max and I came to your classes in May and just a week or so ago we were driving in the car and completely out of the blue Max says “I love Rainbow Dreamer!” Clearly you guys are doing a good job when you can leave a lasting mark like that on a three year old. Thank you!

Molly W.


There is no fee for these classes but you do need to register to secure your spot.


Skyliner Lodge

April 13th, 2023: “Scavenger Hunt!”

Children Will:

  • Develop a deeper connection with nature
  • Experience local plants, animals, and ecosystems in Central Oregon
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Become better at maintaining focus
  • Exercise their growing minds so that they can develop in a positive and healthy setting

Class Description:

Mommy/Daddy & Me classes incorporate games, movement, music, and storytelling into an enjoyable class for both children and adults! These classes are a great opportunity to meet the teachers of our Mixed-Age Kindergarten program. At Skyliner Lodge there are many exciting things to discover. The class is for children accompanied by an adult (dads and caretakers welcome!) We hope you are as excited as we are to make nature come alive in this interactive class!

These classes are for children under six years-old accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Click here to learn more about our Mixed-Age Kindergarten program for ages 3 1/2-6 in Bend.