Mixed-Age Kindergarten

Wildheart KinderCamp currently offers a program serving ages 3 1/2–6 on our farm location. Our home base is a waterproof shelter with access to a bathroom. We will learn and play amongst wild-growth meadows, woodland trails, meandering streams, and farm animals. Our nature-based curriculum will alchemize elements of 8-Shields, Waldorf, and traditional Kindergarten.

No School Nature Days

No School Nature Days corespond with the Bend/Lapine School District schedule. These are single day camps that kids can enjoy during the school year. Try out some of our favorite themes such as Dragon Riders, Witches and Wizards, Special Ops Survivors and more! Get off the screen and get into the woods with us! For ages 6 – 12.

Spring Break Camps

This March, we are offering five days of Spring Break camps for ages 6 – 12! Join us as we tune into the magical folk and guardians of the forest in our Hobbit and Faerie camp, or come and learn the Art of Invisibility in our Jedis camp! Witches and Wizards, Dragon Riders and Fire Dancers will also be held this week. Enjoy the break from school and get immersed outside in the enchanted forests of Skyliner Lodge!

Single rainbow line

Your programs have changed my son’s life in very powerful ways. He learned to embrace his uniqueness! I saw him grow into a more confident young man that is more in touch with himself on a spiritual level and with nature. He learned to be quiet within himself and for him that has been profound!

Jenny Kettle

My daughter came home from camp really happy, really peaceful, content, mindful, and excited about what she made, what she did, and the animals and plants she spent time with. It was really cool to see her so grounded when she came home. I wish I could go to this camp and I wish this was mandatory for all public school kids. I think it’s wonderful. I would recommend it to everybody!


The other day, my kids were arguing with one another and my daughter said, “I’m going to go sit in my sit spot to calm down.”  I cannot imagine a better gift for our children than the realization that they have the tools to solve their problems by going within.  Thank you for your amazing teachings!


Sharon Richards

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