No School Nature Days

Ages 6 – 12    2023 – 2024

Skyliner Lodge and Powell Plains
9am – 3:30pm

Join us at nature school where learning and fun are one! We invite you to join us for one of our exciting themes! The dates below correspond to school days off as shown on the Bend/Lapine School District schedule.

Storytime with Dreamer

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

“Fire Dancers”

 Powell Plains

 Ages 7 – 12

Fire is a powerful element that has captivated the attention and demanded the respect of humans since the beginning of our time on Earth. Our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, light, making tools, cooking, purifying water, and as a gathering place to share stories and magic with each other. Truthfully, without fire there would be no human race today. The foundation of this camp is to create and maintain fires safely, as well as explore the magic and wonder of what fire can bring to our experience in nature. Fire safety is our top priority. If a child is not demonstrating the ability to be safe around fire, she/he will not be permitted to participate in fire making. Additionally, all instructors are certified in First Aid by the American Heart Association. We will be examining what is available to make a fire. Primitive and modern techniques for creating a flame, including friction fire, will be demonstrated. Once our hearth has been ignited, we will gather around the warmth to tell stories, sip on warm drinks, and experience the ancient, wonderful magic of fire.

Students Will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of fire safety
  • Experience a live friction fire demonstration
  • Practice creating a tinder bundle from surrounding resources
  • Experience the magic of fire with songs and storytelling
Child Camoflauged

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

“Juniper Jedis”

 Skyliner Lodge

 Ages 6 – 12

Students will learn the art of silently stalking animals and people. In addition, they will practice listening closely to the Earth Force. Camouflage is essential for all Juniper Jedis and we will spend a good deal of our time practicing this skill of becoming invisible. Additionally, students will develop their ability to understand the language of the birds, giving them a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of their surroundings and informing them what their prey is up to, as well as any nearby predators. All of this and we’ll still have time to play and enjoy ourselves as every Juniper Jedi knows how to have a good time! Learn how to sense the Forces of nature and become an extension of the forest.

Students Will:

  • Learn the art of silently stalking animals and people
  • Study bird language to tap into the invisible web of the Earth Force
  • Practice effective camouflage techniques
  • Create a camouflage kit to take home
Exploring plants at Tumalo State Park

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

“Hobbit & Faerie Finders”

 Skyliner Lodge

 Ages 6 – 12

During our day of Wildheart Hobbit & Faerie Finders, kids will search for perfect hobbit & faerie habitat, and create houses out of plants and natural materials for them to visit and enjoy. As participants unleash their creativity, they will learn the types of plants each magical creature prefers, based on the plant’s medicinal, or lack thereof, value. We will also discover what animals are friends with our hobbits & faeries based on what habitat they share. One important aspect of making faerie houses is choosing where to build. For this, we will wind our way through the trees and around the riverside stones in search of locations that will be the most likely to attract magical creatures. Throughout the week, we will practice hearing the language of birds, which all fantasy creatures know, so that we can decipher the messages of the winged ones. Join us for song, play, art, creativity and fun!

Students Will:

  • Open their awareness to explore hidden faerie and hobbit habitats
  • Build hobbit and faerie houses
  • Activate houses with tones, potions, and chants
  • Sing faerie songs
  • Discover plant and animal friends of the magical forest creatures
Primitive skills instructor with students

Friday, April 12th, 2024

“Special Ops Survivors”

Skyliner Lodge

Ages 7 – 12

Wildheart Special Ops Survivors know that emergencies are unpredictable. They also know that certain skills and behaviors will greatly increase one’s likelihood of surviving any disaster that arises. Survival courses that focus solely on teaching skills without addressing the underlying principles of decision-making can potentially lead people into trouble in real-life survival situations. While learning practical skills such as shelter building, fire making, and foraging is crucial, the ability to make sound decisions under pressure is equally—if not more—important. During our time together students will train in essential mindset for survival. We will cultivate the fundamental qualities of survivors, like a calm mind, an ability to make decisions, maintaining humor, emergency signaling, and many more. Special Ops Survivors will learn to navigate the world of unpredictability while playing team games, making new friends, and preparing themselves to face the challenges of nature. If you would like to be a part of the new generation of survivors, then our Special Ops team is the place to be. This day camp is an introduction to our more extensive survival themed summer camps.

Students Will:

  • Learn survival skills
  • Problem solve in a group setting
  • Train in emergency signaling techniques
  • Learn techniques to stay calm in the midst of stress
  • Practice the art of decision making


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Drop-off window is between 8:45am – 9am Pick-up window is between 3:15pm – 3:30pm


$67/Day Early Bird Rate Through November 15th, 2023. $77/Day Regular. Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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