Tumalo Riverfront Property


65745 Old Bend Redmond Highway
Bend, OR 97703

Please note that this is NOT Tumalo Ranch

Important Notes about this Location:

Please do the following to ensure Wildheart has access to this incredible property for years to come:

1. Please drive SLOW through the 1/2 mile long driveway.

2. Do not arrive before the drop-off window to ensure that the sign and the cones are set up and ready for your convenience.

3. The only place we are allowed to park is at the drop-off/pick-up area. Please drive straight to the drop/off pick up area and straight out back to the highway. Do not pull off to the side of the road and stop for any length of time to check your phone or do anything else that would cause you to be parked at a random point along the driveway.

4. Carpool if you can

5. Do not allow your dog off leash

We will have a large sign at the driveway to alert you where to turn.


If possible, use Apple Maps (google and other maps will tell you to turn on Bemis Rd.) Instead, turn west on the road just north of Bemis. Sometimes it will call the correct driveway Steviers Rd and that is what you want to take. It has about 7 green address numbers signs posted at the end of the driveway.

The driveway is about 1/2 mile long. It takes a 90 degree right then a 90 degree left, winding around and up. Follow the bright colored cones with arrows until you start to see the DOME signs. Follow the DOME signs and the bright colored cones all the way to the parking area. The cones are rainbow colors so you will start at red and look out for each color of the rainbow until you reach purple (unfortunately the set did not come with an indigo colored cone so you will skip indigo).

About the Property:

Tumalo Riverfront Property is our newest location. At this location, we have access to 40 acres of pristine juniper country and a beautiful private section of the Deschutes River. This type of property is an extremely rare find and it is even more rare to meet a land owner of this kind who is willing to allow us to do classes there!

Right now Wildheart is in a “trial” period with the land owner of the location. The owner wants to see how big of an impact we are making to the overall feel of the farm before they allow us to run classes there on an ongoing basis.