Where do I find information specific to Wildheart Kindergarten?

Kindergarten FAQ

Do you provide lunch or snacks?

With the variety of dietary preferences and allergies, we request children to bring their own food for our programs. We occasionally provide a snack when it is relevant to our activities. The food we serve will always be organic and we will check ahead of time to note children’s food preferences and allergies.

Do you provide scholarships?

We have some scholarship funds available. You can apply here.

Are my donations to your scholarship fund tax deductible? 

We are not a non-profit so unfortunately your donations are not tax-deductible.

Can my child participate if he/she is older than the age range?

Yes. Your older child is welcome to participate. Keep in mind that the activities will be geared toward the age range suggested.

Can my child participate if he/she is younger than the age range?

We ask that a child not participate if he/she is younger than the age range.

What does my child need to bring? (Please note these are suggestions. Every day is different so please plan according to the unique program and weather of the day).


  • Sturdy shoes for walking and running
  • Warm and/or waterproof jacket
  • Warm and/or sun hat
  • Gloves
  • Boots for snowy or rainy days
  • Extra pair of socks and pants for snowy or rainy days
  • Water
  • Lunch for all-day programs
  • Snacks
  • Backpack
  • Bandana
  • Suggested: Whistle to be worn as a necklace
  • Optional: Sunscreen already applied


  • Study shoes for hiking, running, and walking in water (Keens, Chacos, or Tevas work well but if you do not have this type of shoe, bring a sturdy pair of sneakers and flip flops. We recommend against bringing solely flip flops because they are not sturdy enough for some of the running games we play.
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen (Most sunscreens have chemicals that are not healthy for creeks and rivers. Please bring natural sunscreen in case it is a warm day and we choose to go into the water.)
  • Mosquito protection (Most bug repellents have chemicals that are not healthy for creeks and rivers. Please bring a natural repellent in case it is a warm day and we choose to go into the water.)
  • At least 2 liters of liquids for the day (We may or may not have access to a place to fill up midday so make sure to pack enough liquids to last them 6 1/2 hours. We find that the kids drink more liquid when they have both water and a drink with electrolytes like Emergen-C).
  • Sack lunch
  • Snacks
  • Bandana
  • Bathing suit or trunks/towel (If they want to bring swimming gear, please have them come already changed into their swim suits/trunks and they can wear their regular clothing over. They may wish to bring a dry change of clothing to put on after swimming, however, it may be easier to just let them air dry).
  • Backpack
  • Suggested: Wistle to be worn as a necklace


  • Snow shoes or boots
  • Warm and Waterproof jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Snow gloves
  • Snow pants
  • Extra pair of socks and pants
  • Water
  • Lunch/Snacks
  • Backpack
  • Bandana
  • Suggested: Whistle to be worn as a necklace

May I bring snacks for the whole class?

We appreciate your generous offer! Please check in with us prior so that we can see if it will be appropriate for kids’ food allergies and preferences. We do ask that any food that is shared in our programs be organic.

Will my child get dirty?

Probably. They may get particularly dirty on the days when we help the kids camouflage themselves with mud. Please dress children with this in mind!

What is your policy around letting kids play in the river?

We encourage kids to play in the river on hot days to cool off. We ask them to come prepared with water shoes so that we do not need to worry about them cutting their feet underwater or on the bank.

Does my child need to know how to swim for river play?

Children are only allowed to play in water that is knee deep or shallower so you do not need to worry if your child does not know how to swim.

How do you deal with food allergies?

We do not allow children to share food during our programs and we will always check ahead of time before providing activity-related snacks.

What is your discipline policy?

We create an environment that supports respect for oneself, others, and nature. Most of our effort goes into preventative measures to make sure this environment is sustained and supported by all participants. If a child is repeatedly breaking rules, we will go over the ground rules on-one-one with them while others in the group are having free play. We involve parents if actions include cussing or violent acts.

Can I register and pay online?

Yes. Click on the tab that says Register for instructions.

What happens if I arrive late to pick up my child?

If you arrive 5 minutes – 15 minutes after the pick up window there is a $10 fee. After that we charge $1 per minute. If your work schedule makes it difficult to come on time, please contact us to make special arrangements.

Will my kids be eating wild plants?

Yes. We make sure they ask an adult before picking the plant and eating it. We also encourage them to make sure the plant is healthy and that there is an abundance of the plant in the area.

What is your student/instructor ratio?
7:1 is the student to teacher ratio for all programs except Homeschool and our Mixed-Age Kindergarten. 8:1 is our ratio for Homeschool and Mixed-Age Kindergarten because in long term programs we usually have at least two absences per class.

Do your camps have a religious message?

Wildheart Nature School does not promote a religious message. Our goal is to inspire a spiritual connection with nature that does not fit within the confines of any particular religion or lineage. We encourage reverence and respect for the natural world. For example, when a student wants to take something from nature, we encourage them to leave something in return such as a piece of their hair. Most of all, we encourage children to relate to nature in the way that feels most natural and appropriate for them.

Can parents come to class?

Yes, you may join us at class. Please participate fully in all the activities to set a good example for the rest of the group. Please refrain from using cell phones during class in order to set a good example of engagement for the kids. We prefer that you do a single day drop-in as opposed to joining the class for a term. Having a parent in class on an ongoing basis changes the group dynamics in ways that can be challenging for the other participants. Please notify us if you plan to join for a class.

Can I bring my younger kids to class even though they are not officially enrolled in the class?

Yes, and please supervise them while they are in class. If they are distracting the rest of the group, we will ask that you take them away until they are no longer going to distract. You must also fill out a Medical Release Form for them.

How do I reserve my spot in a program?

We reserve spaces in our programs once we receive your registration form and your payment. Payment in full must be made no later than the day before the start of a class or camp unless there is a payment plan in place for the class or camp.

What is your absence policy?

To ensure the long-term stability of Wildheart Nature School, missed classes within a series paid in full at the beginning of the term will not be refunded.

What are your current Health Policies to make sure campers and their families stay healthy?

Please see our current Health Protocols to learn more.

What are your cancellation policies?

Please visit our webpage to review our cancellation policies.

Are classes ever affected by the weather? 

Yes. Occasionally we need to relocate, postpone, and cancel classes. Please check your phone for a text message and/or your email when there are severe weather conditions.

What are your activities and flow of the day?

You can find out more about our activities and flow of the day here.
You can find out more about our Wildheart Kindergarten activities and flow of the day here.

How will kids warm up in your classes in the winter time?

All of our winter locations have warm spaces to warm up in. Skyliner Lodge has a lodge, Juniper Jungle Learning Farm has a tipi with a fire pit, and Phoenix Farm has a tipi with a fire pit. We moniter the children closely to make sure they do not get too cold.

Is it possible to drop-in to ongoing classes such as the Homeschool Program to see if my child likes the class and if so how much does it cost? 

If we have spaces available, it is possible to do a drop-in before committing to the entire term. Drop-in rate is $12/hour.

Once on the wait-list, how likely is it that I will get into the class? What are your wait-list protocols?

Families frequently cancel and transfer out of programs so it is often possible to get into a class from the wait-list. Everyone on the wait-list gets an equal opportunity to sign up for the class, should a space open. We will send an email to everyone and open the space online. The first person to register gets the spot. If there is an urgent reason you are trying to get into a class (for instance one sibling was able to enroll but not the other) then please send us an email at info@wildheartnatureschool.com explaining your situation.

 I don’t see my question here. How can I learn more?

Contact us if you have more questions.