Wildheart has made such a profound and positive difference in Luna, which I felt intuitively it always would. Nature and magic have always been a foundation in our home. In these times it’s more vital than ever to let children just be children. To be in tune with the earth, elements and more. For the children to retain their magic right now is vital. For them, the earth, and all.

Nema K.

Your programs have changed my son’s life in very powerful ways. He learned to embrace his uniqueness! I saw him grow into a more confident young man that is more in touch with himself on a spiritual level and with nature. He learned to be quiet within himself and for him that has been profound!

Jenny Kettle

Sacred Arts gave my children a spiritual focus on themselves as individuals. It gave them tools to use to help them grow and stay balanced in their everyday lives. Spending time together each month built a positive group bonding and consciousness that will be remembered.

Maria Flores

This intimate rattle making class was empowering for me because Amara & Dreamer acknowledged & encouraged my (and everyone’s) birthright to engage in creative musical expression as part of daily life. Inspired by these gentle teachers, I have learned to listen more deeply to the plant communities through which I pass.  And, I continue to create a litany of songs that I sing to honor the plants I encounter along my path.

Maggie Saslow

The other day, my kids were arguing with one another and my daughter said, “I’m going to go sit in my sit spot to calm down.”  I cannot imagine a better gift for our children than the realization that they have the tools to solve their problems by going within.  Thank you for your amazing teachings!

Sharon Richards

I love that my two boys are spending so much time in nature, exploring their environment and learning more about it in a rich, meaningful way. Brian was so excited to tell me that Pilot Butte is a volcano after they spent the morning climbing it with Amara. Both Brian and Charlie enjoy these adventures while interacting with other kids outdoors. Amara brings such a positive influence to the group and my boys really respond to her guidance and teaching.

Vanessa S.

Our two children love attending the Wildheart Nature Classes. They are always so excited to share with us the new things they’ve learned, created, and experienced with Amara and Dreamer. It has enriched our experiences as a family outside of class as well by sparking areas of new interest that we explore as a family after our children have been introduced to the idea in class. Amara and Dreamer have a peaceful yet joyful way of interacting with the kids and have a knack for creating a nurturing space where the kid’s feel encouraged to create and share. It’s has truly been a positive experience for all of us.

Ann and Devin L.