What makes us different?

There are many great options to choose from in Central Oregon and we fully support all of the wonderful organizations in the area such as Camp Fire, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, and camps offered through Bend Parks & Recreation. Here are some things that make us unique!

  1. Transformational Experiences Our goal is for children to undergo a profound transformation during their time with us. By combining outdoor experiences with mindfulness exercises we amplify the powerful benefits of both. Children come away with tools for managing stress, an ability to successfully move through dynamic challenges, and inspiration to be kind to the earth, the people around them, and to themselves.
  2. Low Student to Instructor Ratio We believe it is important to connect individually with each student that we work with. Having a 7:1 student to instructor ratio gives us the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with our participants.
  3. Deep Nature Connection There are many camps that focus on outdoor recreation, but our primary focus is deep nature connection. We offer students a chance to explore their natural childhood passions such as hiding and seeking, providing them with positive memorable experiences in the wild.
  4. Useful Wilderness Skills We teach many practical skills such as medicinal and edible plant identification, wilderness survival skills, mapping and navigation, primitive crafts, primitive and modern fire building practices, sound shelter building skills, and so much more. When children come to our classes and camps they will leave equipped with a brand new skill set that they can use for the rest of their lives.
  5. Natural Rhythms We base our curriculum on natural cycles. Whereas many camps structure their days completely (or keep their days completely unstructured), our classes honor all parts of the cycle including times for focus and times for rest. We start and end the day in a focused group circle where we can set the tone for the period of transformation that we move through during the class. Built into each day are times for reflection and integration so that the learning can continue at home.
  6. Enjoyment Factor The overwhelming feedback we receive from children and parents is that children have a fantastic time in our camps. Above anything else, we want children to have fun so that they form positive associations with the outdoors. Because the activities we employ activate their natural childhood passions, kids almost always have a blast in our classes.