Sacred Arts School of Wizardry

Ages 6 – 10       October – May       Skyliner Lodge

Children will experience the therapeutic, magical, and educational aspects of nature while they become more present and joyful.

Welcome to the Wildheart 8-Month School of Wizardry! If you have witnessed positive growth as the result of your child participating in our programs and want to dive deeper, Sacred Arts is the perfect next step. We can accomplish a lot in a short span of time like a day or a week, but when we work with families over a series of months we begin to see more holistic integration and lasting transformations. Our goal is for students to resonate with the harmonizing forces of nature so they they become happier, kinder, in tune with their surroundings, and more capable of managing stress. We use wizardry and magic as tools to spark their interest and encourage them to expand their view of what is possible for their lives.

The other day, my kids were arguing with one another and my daughter said, “I’m going to go sit in my sit spot to calm down.” I cannot imagine a better gift for our children than the realization that they have the tools to solve their problems by going within. Thank you for your amazing teachings!

Sharon Richards

Children Will:

  • Connect deeply with the natural world
  • Learn earth skills such as staff making, plant potion making, and natural dying
  • Find their inner truth
  • Learn skills for stress management
  • Focus their minds
  • Become more compassionate
  • Form meaningful relationships with peers and mentors

Activities Include:

  • Potion making with local wild plants
  • Care and study of magical creatures activities
  • Developing intuitive powers
  • Learning the art of transfiguration into local and mythic animals
  • Cultivating gratitude
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Developing the “Mind’s Eye”
  • Crystal programming
  • Sacred art
  • Earth skills
  • Singing
  • Nature games
  • Cultivating compassion
  • Earth-based ceremonies
  • Create a unique witch/wizard staff walking stick (For our returning students who already have a staff, we will be adding the next level of magical power to them. Second year students receive a mounted a crystal to the top and third year students receive a bundle with a combination of special animal and plant powers that are unique to them.)

Newborns arrive into this world with a purity and clarity so intense that it spontaneously opens our hearts to divine joy when looking into their eyes. As they grow older, this clarity begins to fade as they develop a healthy sense of who they are and begin to define the world they are perceiving. Unfortunately, a barrage of societal influences is more than ready to meet our young ones and begin telling them what reality is, and what it is not. Children are faced with reconciling their inner experience with what is being presented to them by the media, modern education, religion, and social agendas. This often leads them to the choice of deciding which reality to believe, and which to discard. At Wildheart, there is nothing more important to us than returning the power and clarity to children’s eyes. Combining the powerful therapeutic benefits of nature and mindfulness creates a potent setting for a powerful transformation to occur. Fortunately, kids are usually much more open to returning to their inner truths and require far less complex instruction.

This is precisely why nature can have such a profound impact: merely being in a natural environment brings children (and adults) into their own natural state. In this program we will be guiding children into their hearts and back to the place of pure truth that they arrived to this world so clearly within. Our topics will include mindfulness, nature awareness, sacred art, singing, cultivating compassion, earth-based ceremonies, and more. We do this with the aid of laughter, joy and reverence in our hearts. Additionally, each class will be guided by the children and we will modify the curriculum according to the group and its needs. For children who already have a strong background in spiritual pursuits, or have been speaking of angels, auras, faeries, etc. for some time, we will support them in their gifts and allow them to flourish with these insights. Parent involvement will be an important part of the process as each month we will offer follow-up activities for families to complete together. These activities will not take very much time but they will serve as tools to integrate the learning at home. 

We are aware of the diverse religious backgrounds of the Central Oregon community and will maintain a strong integrity in being respectful to each family’s beliefs and values. Instead of forcing any world view onto our students, we will encourage them to take what works and feels good and leave behind what does not. Some of our topics will include symbols that are universal metaphors for Spirit. For example, we will be using circles to draw sacred mandalas, and we will explain several different traditional perspectives on why circles are considered sacred and special. We will then encourage the children to discover if there is something special about circles to themselves, and support them in revealing their own truth. Thus, we are not promoting any one perspective over another, but rather presenting a broad range of practices that lead to an internal inquiry of Self. All children, regardless of background, are welcome to join us and share their experiences.


Sacred Arts School of Wizardry 2019/2020

Classes are 10am – 3pm at Skyliner Lodge

October 20th, 2019 – Parents invited 10am-11am
Attuning to Nature’s Magic with a Cauldron Ritual
November 17th, 2019
Power of the Witch/Wizard Staff
December 15th, 2019
Crystals and Compassion
January 19th, 2020
February 16th, 2020
Art from the Heart
March 15th, 2020
Transmutation and Fire
April 19th, 2020
Care and Study of Local and Magical Creatures
May 17th, 2020 – Parents Invited 2pm-3pm


$377 Early Bird through September 1st / $397 After September 1st
+ $17 Materials Fee (applies to both regular fee and early bird)
Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!
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