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Wildheart KinderCamp

Ages 3 – 5      September – May
Juniper Jungle Learning Farm

Wildheart KinderCamp offers experiential outdoor learning in a small group, led by a certified and experienced Waldorf Teacher.

Our mission is to support the child’s curiosity and love of learning, while guiding their connection to nature, community, and inner resilience.

Wildheart KinderCamp currently offers a 3-day program serving ages 3-5 on our farm location. Our home base is a waterproof shelter with access to a bathroom. We will learn and play amongst wild-growth meadows, woodland trails, meandering streams, and farm animals. Our nature-based curriculum will alchemize elements of 8-Shields, Waldorf, and traditional Kindergarten.


Campers will explore the arts of:

– Watercolor painting
– Beeswax modeling
– Bread making
– Gardening
– Letter learning
– Storytelling
– Wild-crafting edible and medicinal plants
– Food preservation
– Wool handwork
– Journaling
– Book binding
– Bee keeping
– Mindfulness and sensory awareness
– Fantasy themed activities such as faerie house creation, dragon territory map making, and magical scavenger hunts
– Lessons in environmental stewardship

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“Wildheart KinderCamp has been an incredible place for our son to learn and grow this fall. Miss Tess creates a nurturing environment where every kid feels safe to be themselves. They have opportunities to practice both independence and teamwork, leadership and cooperation, all while learning about the natural world and our place in it. Our son has blossomed as part of this caring group.”

Jessica Higgins, 2021

January – May Semester

18 Weeks

January 12- May 27 (Winter Break: No Classes February 16th, 17th, and 18th and Spring Break: No Classes March 23rd, 24th, and 25th)

Daily Rhythm

10:30 AM Arrival and Artistic Activity


Tuesday: Painting
Wednesday: Broth making or Beekeeping
Thursday: Coloring and Journaling

10:30 AM Tea and Snack

11:00 AM Gardening

11:30 AM Imaginative Freeplay

12:30 PM Wash Up and Lunch

1:00 PM Circle Story Time

1:30 PM Art in Nature Lesson

Artistic activities follow the cycle of the seasons, with circle time and storytelling reflecting the same. Herb Harvest Hike is a daily peek into the skill of wildcrafted herbal tea-making. Imaginative freeplay is supervised exploration of fort building, hay bale and mud kitchen baking, sand and stick art, animal home tracking and class adventures on the whim of curiosity. Lunch and Snack are brought from home, as Covid guidelines restrict family-style meal sharing, with the exception of individually made bread dough on Wednesdays. Restful time is not a nap time, but a quiet in-breath to find calm while listening to a story. Art lessons will range in mediums and will be bound into a handmade book of artwork by each child.

Photograph of Tess Vining

Tess Vining

Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher

Inspired by the holistic teaching approach of Waldorf education, Miss Tess earned a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from WTEE in Eugene, OR and began working as an Aftercare Teacher, then Director of EC Licensing at Corvallis Waldorf School.  In 2016, the family community at the Waldorf School of Bend brought Miss Tess to Bend, assisting in early childhood and grades classes before leading the Huckleberry Preschool.  During summers, her son attended the outdoor Wildheart Nature School camps, learning environmental stewardship and the virtues of being a reliable, resilient and loving friend in a greater community.  Integrating the values of Wildheart nature education and Waldorf curriculum, the Wildheart KinderCamp was formed on a farm to serve Preschool and Kindergarten-aged children in Central Oregon.

Public Health Advisory and Cancellation Policies During Uncertain Times

We are closely tracking the current updates and advisories. You can read about our Communicable Disease Management Plan here.

Please note that we have an Emergency Childcare License and will not be discontinuing classes.

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10:30am – 2:30am each day

18 Weeks
January 12- May 27 (Winter Break: No Classes February 16th, 17th, and 18th and Spring Break: No Classes March 23rd, 24th, and 25th)
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