Witches & Wizards

Wildheart Witches and Wizards harness the energies of the animals, plants, and elements to develop their magical powers during this intensive training week.

Kids with their wizard staffs at Summer Camp

Students Will:

  • Study potion making with local wild plants
  • Participate in care and study of magical creatures activities
  • Develop intuitive powers
  • Learn the art of transfiguration into local and mythic animals
  • Create a personal witch or wizard staff

Dates, Times, Ages, Locations:

Monday, June 19th–Friday, June 23rd 2023

Ages 8–12 
9am – 3:30 pm
Skyliner Lodge

Monday, June 26th–Friday, June 30th 2023

Ages 6-9
Skyliner Lodge

Monday, July 10th–Friday, July 14th 2023

Ages 7-10
Skyliner Lodge

Monday, July 17th–Friday, July 21st 2023

Ages 6-9
Skyliner Lodge

Nature School student with wizard staff

Class Description:

Welcome to the Wildheart School of Wizardry! Subjects include potion making, care and study of magical creatures, intuition, and transfiguration into different local animals. Each student will create a personalized wizard/witch staff (walking stick) that will aid them in honing their magical skills. For our returning students who already have a staff, we will be adding the next level of magical power to them. Second year students receive a mounted a crystal to the top and third year students receive a bundle with a combination of special animal and plant powers that are unique to them.

9am–3:30pm 5-Day Camp

$347 Early Bird through February 1st/$377 after February 1st + $17 Materials Fee

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!