Witches & Wizards

Wildheart Witches and Wizards harness the energies of the animals, plants, and elements to develop their magical powers during this intensive training week.

Students Will:

  • Study potion making with local wild plants
  • Participate in care and study of magical creatures activities
  • Develop intuitive powers
  • Learn the art of transfiguration into local and mythic animals

Dates, Times, Ages, Locations:

Monday, July 12th–Friday July 16th 2021

Ages 7–10 Wildheart Witches & Wizards 
9am – 3:30 pm
kyliner Lodge

Monday, July 19th–Thursday July 22nd 2021

Ages 6–9 Wildheart Witches & Wizards 
9am–3:30 pm 
kyliners Lodge

Monday, July 26th–Friday, July 30th 2021

Ages 7–10 Wildheart Witches & Wizards
Skyliners Lodge

Monday, August 16th–Friday, August 20th 2021

Ages 7–10 Wildheart Witches & Wizards
Tumalo State Park

Class Description:

Welcome to the Wildheart School of Wizardry! Subjects include potion making, care and study of magical creatures, intuition, and transfiguration into different local animals. Each student will create a personalized wizard/witch staff (walking stick) that will aid them in honing their magical skills. For our returning students who already have a staff, we will be adding the next level of magical power to them. Second year students receive a mounted a crystal to the top and third year students receive a bundle with a combination of special animal and plant powers that are unique to them.

9am–3:30pm Monday – Friday Camps: 

$333 Per Week Early Bird / $357 Per Week After February 28th

9am–3:30pm Monday – Thursday Camps:

$267 Early Bird through February 28th/$287 after February 28th

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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