Unicorn Whisperers

Wildheart Unicorn Whisperers are adept explorers of the natural world and seekers of the fantasy worlds that lie beyond!

Girls in Unicorn Whisperers Summer Camp in Bend, Oregon
Boy in Unicorn Whisperers summer camp

Students Will:

  • Learn the art of tracking wild animals
  • Play Mind’s Eye games
  • Ride imaginary unicorns
  • Learn to identify local edible and medicinal plants

Dates, Times, Locations, and Ages:

Monday, July 29th – Friday, August 2nd 2024

Ages 5 – 8
Tumalo State Park


Class Description:

Many elements of nature exist beyond the perception of our 5 human senses. Invisible worlds of life and energy weave through every aspect of the universe. Unicorn Whisperers seek to know these invisible realities by tracking the signs of nature and using their minds-eye to see into the unknown. Unicorns represent the bridge between the seen and unseen. In this exciting and magical camp we will discover the invisible stories of nature by learning about tracking, observing animal behaviors, playing many games, and exploring our mind’s eye.


Girls in Wildheart Unicorn Whisperers Summer Camp

9am – 1pm Camps: 


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