Mythic Merpeople

Water teaches us how to flow, have fun, cleanse, and balance ourselves.

Students Will:

  • Explore riparian plants, animals, and critters
  • Build riparian houses for fantasy creatures
  • Hear mermaid and mermen legends from all over the world
  • Sing mermaid and mermen songs
  • Spend lots of time splashing and playing in the water

Dates, Times, Locations, and Ages:

Monday, July 5thFriday, July 9th 2021

Ages 5–8 Mythic Merpeople
Tumalo State Park

Class Description:

Wildheart Mythic Merpeople know that water is the source of all life. They also know that water creatures need a healthy riparian zone in order to survive. During our time together, students will immerse themselves in the mythic watery realms as they study riparian plants, animals, and the river itself. We will share stories of mythic mermaids and mermen from Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Mermaids and mermen have a reputation for their breathtaking voices. We will activate our voices in the form of toning and songs. If you love to play in the watery domain with the willow, crawdads, and otter then Mythic Mermaids and Mermen is the place to be!


9am – 1pm Camps: 

$222 Per Week Early Bird / $233 Per Week After February 28th

9am – 3:30pm Camps: 

$333 Per Week Early Bird / $357 Per Week After February 28th

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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