Middle Earth Magicians

Middle Earth Magicians know the secrets of how to command their magical power

Students Will:

Create plant-imprinted clay pottery

Learn wilderness survival skills

Map the Middle Earth territories

Practice problem solving and teamwork during group challenges

Form alliances with local animals and plants

Practice the art of illusion with magic tricks

Dates, Times, Locations, Ages:

Monday-Friday, June 26th-30th 2023

Ages 7–11 Middle Earth Magicians
Skyliner Lodge

Class Description:

Middle Earth can be a treacherous world of magical spells, messy politics, unforgiving rules of survival, and mysterious dangers lurking within every forest. For our Middle Earth Magicians, this sounds like a marvelous place to call home. Why? Because Wildheart Magicians know the secrets of how to command their magical power and they are masters of compromise and negotiation. The forest and all of it’s mysteries are great allies to a Magician and they rely upon their skills of nature connection and survival to thrive in a hostile world. All of the kingdoms in Middle Earth, including the elves, trolls, hobbits, and dwarves respect their Magicians as leaders and guides. As such, we will embark upon a great journey exploring the realms of self mastery and peace. We will learn to speak with the elements of nature and form alliances with our plant, animal and mineral allies. Group challenges will test the Magician’s skill of creativity and dark forces will be battled with a peaceful passion. Students will create plant-imprinted clay plates as a culmination of their experience. If all goes according to plan, and with the helping hand of fate on our side, stories of our time together will be told across the kingdom for ages to come.

9am – 3:30pm Monday – Thursday Camp: 

$267 Per Week Early Bird / $287 Per Week After February 1st

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!