Bushcraft Academy

Join us for a week of mapping, tracking, water purification, friction fire, knife safety, foraging and storytelling!

Kids tracking at Wildheart Nature School
Hand drill fire at summer camp

Students Will:

  • Learn and practice the basics of knife safety

  • Identify native plants and their uses for survival

  • Learn about water purification and collection

  • Practice the art of creative adaptability

  • Learn how to ethically harvest materials from nature

  • Explore basic navigation with the use of map and compass

Dates, Times, Locations, and Ages:

Monday, August 5th-August 9th 2024

Ages 8–12
Powell Plains

Powell Plains Location will be a Drop-Off & Van Ride to Central Oregon Outskirts! Specific Locations for our day trips will all be with river access and we will send out a list of locations at the beginning each week of camp.

Class Description:

Surviving in nature doesn’t have to be brutal and uncomfortable. In fact, it can be quite luxurious and fun, so long as you’ve got the skills. This camp focuses on the basics of bush craft—the art of minimalist/survival camping. Minimalist in this case doesn’t mean lack of resources, it means starting out with very little and capable of making nearly all. And yes, that does mean knife skills will be an essential practice in this camp, as a good knife is the basic tool of any bush crafter. Knife safety will be a core teaching and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice. Curriculum for this class is somewhat open ended, as one of the primary modes of operation for bush crafting is being responsive and adaptable to nature. If an unexpected opportunity presents itself (imagine a surprise rain storm, or animal sighting, or plant ally encounter), we’ll seize the moment! What we can say for sure: this camp will be as fun as it is informative, and students will leave with a few new camping tricks in their skill set.



Girl in Bushcraft Academy Summer Camp at Wildheart Nature School

9am – 3:30pm Monday – Friday Camp: 

$407 + $11 Materials Fee

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!