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Position: Wildheart Nature School Intern Instructor and Coordinator.

Location/Time: Skyliner Lodge in Bend, OR June – August

Job Purpose: To provide an opportunity for training an intern in the realms of outdoor education (curriculum planning, teaching in the field, program management, etc.) education-based marketing, and online management.

Expectations and responsibilities:

– Shadow Amara and Dreamer in the field during nature classes and participate as a counselor in training

– Observe and/or participate in the curriculum planning based on successful models of outdoor education

– Manage small-scale online marketing techniques, such as posting pictures on Facebook, formatting/sending out promotional and informational emails, helping create educational videos, etc.

– Be willing to work with children while maintaining a positive attitude at all times. This also entails being a strong role model for the children and being mindful of language used and actions taken.

Through studying educational materials and receiving mentoring from Amara and Rainbow Dreamer in the field, the intern will learn exceptional teaching skills and modalities that he/she can apply to all future jobs related to nature education. The intern will learn the art of curriculum development, a skill that is necessary in the field of nature education. He/she will also learn an efficient registration process. He/she will be a strong asset to any organization and/or have the skills to get their own program started by learning the skills of education-based marketing and online management. Additionally, the intern will learn effective techniques for education based marketing, which is applicable to many of fields of marking in the business world. This education is an invaluable asset to any potential employers or for self-employment opportunities.

Supervision and Evaluation

We will ask the intern to complete a contract with intern position description, objectives, activities, and materials. The intern will receive extensive training in and out of the field from Amara and Rainbow Dreamer. We will have a biweekly meeting week to determine the capacity that the intern is meeting the goals of the contract.


This internship opportunity is intended for a diversity candidate. He or she must either be in high school or college. Intern must have her or his own vehicle for transportation to our various locations.

Duration of the internship and hours required

The duration of the internship will be 10 weeks, in which the intern will be required to complete 120 – 150 hours, depending on how many credits she/he wants to obtain. They intern will receive a stipend of $1,000.

Please fill out the Internship Application and return to