Girls’ Empowerment

Ages 10 – 13   October – December   Skyliner Lodge

Fall Term: Order of the Feline

This alchemical journey provides a natural pathway for young girls to activate their innate wisdom as they step into the next phase of their lives

Girls Will:

  • Be supported to develop exceptional social skills
  • Receive tools for building their emotional resilience
  • Practice tools for life-long mental health
  • Understand the cycles of the body and the cycles of nature
  • Learn the art of thinking for themselves
  • Deepen the relationship they have with their mothers or primary caregivers
  • Make wild tea
  • Get creative with earth art
  • Carve a stone necklace
I no longer have a fear of meeting new people. I met some amazing girls in this class. I thought that they were going to be mean and when they weren’t I realized that my fear was silly.
- Inanna

Fall Schedule 2019:

Thursday, October 3rd 6pm – 8pm Moms & Daughters
Potluck and Fire Circle

Saturday, October 19th 10am – 3pm – Daughters Only
Attuning to Nature, Feline Mystery Teachings, & Cauldron Ritual

Thursday, November 7th 6pm – 8pm Moms & Daughters
Wild Tea, Sharing, and Song Circle

Saturday, November 16th 10am – 3pm – Daughters Only
The Cycles of Women

Thursday, December 5th 6pm – 8pm Moms & Daughters
Final Mother Daughter Ceremony

Saturday, December 21st 10am – 3pm – Daughters Only
Stone Necklace Creation

Course Description:

Adolescence is a time of profound changes, making it an incredible opportunity for transformation and growth. Girls start experiencing deeper thoughts and emotions as their bodies, minds, and perspectives on life are maturing. They may start to distance themselves from close family members and old friends as they begin to part from their childhood identity. Simultaneously, they are consciously and subconsciously absorbing societal concepts of what it means to be a woman. They may start to experiment with new ways of being through new friends, social media, make up, different clothing, and so on. Here at Wildheart, we want to offer them another way to explore the transition they are experiencing.

Initiation is when a community facilitates a transformational experience that expands an individual’s spirit, inner strength, and courage. When the initiate discovers the true depth of her power, she has the inner resources to embrace life’s opportunities and challenges.
Participants in our Girls’ Empowerment program are supported by experienced mentors to develop exceptional social skills, build their emotional resilience, practice tools for life-long mental health, and discover who they are—all held within the majestic foothills of Tumalo Falls. Here at Wildheart, we highly value the mother-daughter connection which is why mothers have an essential role in the transformational journey we provide.
Initiates of the Girls’ Empowerment program become ambassadors for a new era of feminine empowerment and the leaders of tomorrow.


At Wildheart, we have experienced the power that nature has to transform, heal, and empower young people. We also understand the power of mindfulness practices to help clear the mind, nourish the soul, and encourage an intentional direction in life. In this transformational three months, we will incorporate the elements of nature, mindfulness, play, and intentional rituals to provide an opportunity for inner deepening. We will be accessing the wisdom of our ancestral grandmothers, making plant medicines, and weaving with natural fibers. We will be connecting with the deep and profound stillness that allows us to be fully present and fully ourselves. We will celebrate life through creating earth art and body paints. All the while, the girls will be inspired by one another in a safe and supportive group setting. Journey with us into the wilderness as we discover what it means to be an empowered young woman.


$247 Early Bird through September 9th
$267 After September 9th
+ $17 Materials Fee (applies to both regular fee and early bird)
Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!