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Peak from the fort squareDuring the school year there are holidays and parent teacher conferences that elicit days off from school. We consider this an excellent opportunity for kids to get outside, learn, and have fun with us at Skyliner Lodge! The dates below represent the Waldorf school of Bend days off. Each day has a different theme.



“Wildheart Fire Dancers”

FireTuesday, February 16th, 2016

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 6 – 10

Juniper Jungle Farm

Registration ButtonFire is a powerful element that has captivated the attention and demanded the respect of humans since the beginning of our time on the Earth. Our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, light, making tools, cooking, purifying water, and as a gathering place to share stories and magic with each other. Truthfully, without fire there would be no human race today. The foundation of this camp is to create and maintain fires safely, as well as explore the magic and wonder of what fire can bring to our experience in nature. Fire safety is our top priority. If a child is not demonstrating the ability to be safe around fire, she/he will not be permitted to participate in fire making. Additionally, all instructors are certified in First Aid by the American Heart Association. We will be gathering the sticks and logs, constructing sound fire structures, and showing different ways to light fires including primitive techniques such as and flint and friction. When it is time, children will learn how to properly extinguish the flames and the coals. Join us in our quest as we remember what it is to tell stories, sing, drum, dance, and make tea around a fire that we create together in the spirit of our ancestors.

“Wildheart Wizards”

wizard chargingWednesday, February 17th, 2015

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 6 – 10

Skyliner Lodge

Registration ButtonWelcome to the Wildheart School of Wizardry! We will be developing our magical skills during this intensive training day. Subjects include study of magical creatures, intuition, and transfiguration into different local animals. If you have already made a Wizard Staff with us in our week long summer camp, please bring it! If not, we will be making and painting magic wands for spells. Join us for a day of wonder, mystery, magic, and fun!


$65/Day Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply

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