Homestead Helpers

Wildheart Homestead Helpers will learn the philosophy and ropes of the day to day of homestead life!

Kids watering garden at Bend Outdoor Kindergarten

Students Will:

    • Learn the ropes of homestead life through daily routines and farm chores
    • Practice the basics of supplying crucial water to farm crops and animals from local irrigated ponds
    • Work with the friendly farm chickens to collect eggs
    • Harvest and prepare flowers and edible crops on the farm
    • Preserve and dehydrate harvests into medicine

Dates, Times, Locations, and Ages:

 Monday, July 17th-Friday, July 21st 2023

Ages 5-8
Powell Plains


Storytime with Dreamer

Class Description:

The homestead life is this week’s theme with farm crops, animal husbandry, and a school barn to explore every day! Every Homestead Helper will have a chance to work with the animals and plants on a local hobby farm with over 40 acres of space to explore and harvest edible supplies.  Pasture irrigation, a critical part of every Central Oregon farm, will be introduced through water play with the four ponds and two canals on-site.  Helpers will go home this week with a medicinal plant they’ve harvested from the land!



9am – 1:30pm 5-Day Camps: 

$237 Early Bird / $247 After February 1st