This is a wonderful ICE BREAKER game for a birthday party or play date with a group of kids. All you need is a field or a yard and you can play it spontaneously with no required materials and very little set up! Not only is it a really fun game, but the kids will also be learning about the food chain. Enjoy!

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

Point out landmarks or place cones to show safe zone boundaries. Demonstrate body gestures for each of the three kinds of creatures in this game – Bears, Salmon and Mosquitos – and ask the kids to explain what eats what in this food chain. The group splits into two smaller groups, each of which has a specific end of the field. In each round, both groups huddle in their safe zone to decide on an identity. Everyone in the group agrees to do the same gesture. Then the groups walk to the center of the field, forming two lines facing each other. On the count of three, the two teams reveal their identities. Whichever team eats the other team in the food chain chases players back to the safe zone. Anyone who is tagged by a chaser before reaching the safe zone is claimed by the winning side. The new groups huddle in their safe zone and decide on the next identity. If both groups show the same sign, have a “family reunion” dance around for a minute, then re-huddle.


You can also see if they can come up with another food chain that circles back on itself like the mosquito biting the bear. During the fall season it can be fun to play cougar, bat, mosquito.