For our first summer outing on July 12th, we met at Dillon Falls. Our theme was, “Eagle Eye: Raptors, Birds, and Sight.” We learned about how to identify raptors flying in the sky by coloring in a worksheet with outlines of various birds of prey. We also listened to bird calls and discussed the differences between different types of calls such as songs, mating calls, warning calls, etc… Another theme emerged during our class of wild edible plants. One member of our group starting making, “tacos” out of dandelion leaves and wild currant berries. They were absolutely delicious! In this picture, Dreamer is showing the group how to make, “God’s Eyes,” which are a simple craft made here from willow stems and alpaca yarn. The Huichol peoples of Mexico believe that evil can not pass through the eye of God. They make these crafts and often wear them on their hats for protection. On this day, we made the craft to align with our theme of eyes and sight. Thank you for all who came – it was a great day!