ShellOur last Nature Class theme was, “Environmental Stewardship and Loving the Earth.” Check out the Water Conservation method we learned about that can save 10 gallons of fresh water per day in the average American household! We wrote a collective letter of gratitude to Mother Nature, burned our letter in an abalone shell below, and buried the ashes. Check out what the kids collectively wrote:
Dear Mother Nature,
This letter is from Leila, Bliss, Dreamer, Calvin, Quinn, and Amara. Thank you for all the plants that we eat, the grass, the deer, the coyotes, the snakes, red sided garter snakes, and the water. Our favorite places to go are Elk Lake, Sparks Lake, Alder Springs, Las Vegas, the pet store, and the Metolius. We hope that one day you will be clean from all pollution, very happy, healthy, more full of trees and water, snowier, less garbage, more snakes, and more happy people. We hope that all your children will have a long life and we love you!
Leila, Bliss, Dreamer, Calvin, Quinn, and Amara