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Wilderness Preparedness and Emergency Survival

Join our Emergency Survival team and become a part of the new generation of resilient and well-prepared wilderness enthusiasts.


Course Description:

Welcome to Wilderness Preparedness and Emergency Survival Camp, where we lay the essential foundation for those eager to incorporate day hikes, backpacking trips, and other outdoor excursions into their lives. Did you know that day hikers often find themselves in the most perilous wilderness survival situations due to a lack of preparedness? Our camp is dedicated to addressing this issue by teaching participants how to assemble a basic survival kit capable of saving lives during emergencies. We guide our students in understanding survival priorities, emphasizing efficient energy usage directed toward the goal of getting rescued, rather than expending valuable energy on tasks that might deplete their limited reserves.

Mindset is a crucial aspect of emergency survival, as panic can lead to poor decisions. In this course, we focus on cultivating a clear-headed and composed mindset essential for wilderness survival situations. These mindset tools, also emphasized in military training, are indispensable for anyone venturing into the wild.

This camp focuses on preparing students for unexpected survival situations. If you are also interested in skills to live off the land for extended periods, we recommend taking our Special Ops Survivors camp where we cover basics such as cordage, advanced shelter building, trapping, water purification, tool making, and more!

At our Wilderness Preparedness and Emergency Survival Camp, students will train in vital survival skills such as shelter building, emergency signaling, and step by step instructions for what to do in various situations. Beyond the practical skills, we also cultivate fundamental qualities of survivors, including maintaining a calm mind, effective decision-making, and even humor in the face of challenges. Through team games and camaraderie, participants prepare themselves to navigate the unpredictable world of nature. Join our Wilderness Emergency Survival team and become a part of the new generation of resilient and well-prepared outdoor enthusiasts.



Kids tracking at Wildheart Nature School
Exploring by river at Wildheart Summer Camp in Bend, Oregon

Students Will:

  • Learn survival skills
  • Learn survival priorities
  • Practice shelter building
  • Create fire from the surroundings
  • Problem solve in a group setting
  • Train in emergency signaling techniques
  • Learn techniques to stay calm in the midst of stress
  • Practice the art of decision making

Dates, Times, Locations, Ages:

June 17th – July 21st, 2024

Ages 8-12
Powell Plains

Powell Plains Location will be a Drop-Off & Van Ride to Central Oregon Outskirts! Specific Locations for our day trips will all be with river access and we will send out a list of locations at the beginning each week of camp.

July 22nd – July 26th, 2024

Ages 8-12
Skyliner Lodge

Kids at Spring Break Camp in Bend, Oregon

Monday – Friday $407 + $17 Materials

Payment Plans are available through our registration system.
Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!


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