This last Thursday we had an amazing day near Tumalo Falls, exploring art in nature. Using inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy, we worked together to create something beautiful out of the natural materials around us. We used grey stones, red stones, sticks, grass that had already gone to seed, leaves, flowers, and personal biodegradable gifts brought from home such as stones, shells, and feathers. The final result was absolutely beautiful. We then ventured upstream and made multipurpose crafts out of willow sticks and twine. Everyone had a different idea about what to use their craft for. Ideas ranged from coasters to rafts. We made a final reflective art project out of pebbles and sent it down the river on a piece of bark. This day was truly one to remember!

Rearranging the stones for our project

Everyone working together

Our piece in progress

Us with our art

Willow craft

Sending our pebble art down the river