On April 20th, we had Survival Day at Shevlin Park! We explored the difference between survival skills and primitive skills, ways to think in terms of survival, and had some hilarious skits to teach one another about proper protocol in survival situations. We reviewed our needs for survival in order of importance; we need to breath, safe body temperature, water, and then food. Each skit we did the “wrong” way and then the “right” way. For example, in one skit, a member of the group was choking and the rest were building a fire to stay warm. This would be the “wrong” way the handle the situation because breath is the most immediate human need for survival. In this picture, we were imagining that we were stranded in the wild and had only brought a few things with us. We were coming up with ideas about all the different ways we could use this piece of rope to help us survive. Thanks everyone for coming out – it was a fun adventure!