Rattle Making & Song Workshop

Rattle-Making-and-Medicine-Song-Class-22Come to be empowered and to listen deeply so that the magic of rhythm and song can manifest through you!                             

You will come away with:

  • A ceremonial rattle made from all natural materials
  • Knowledge of how to make rattles
  • Knowledge of sacred songs for rattles & resources for learning more
  • Empowerment through creating your own sacred tool

Rattles are found all over the world in ritual, ceremony, music, and healing. In this class we will be making a raw hide rattle and learning to sing ceremonial songs with them. The primary materials we will be using have been lovingly harvested from Mother Nature with offerings and gratitude. Everyone will come away with their own rattle and the knowledge of how to make more!

rattleclass2Medicine songs are ones that invoke the presence of a particular spirit/energy, initiate healing, or that fill a space with an intention. They are sung in ceremony, at one’s altar, and in nature. This class is both for people who have experience singing medicine songs and for those who do not. It could either be the spark that ignites a new passion for singing and rattling or a valuable addition to one’s preexisting experience and knowledge. Participants will learn a few well-known medicine songs and come away with vast resources for learning more. Additionally, participants will be guided through the process of receiving their own medicine songs, starting with the intentions that they put into the creation of their rattle.

Amara will share her stories and insights on channeling songs through the Dreamtime and ceremony, inspiring participants and calling forth the creative potential in all. Come to be empowered and to listen deeply so that the medicine of rhythm and song can manifest through you.

HarmonyHouse 17505 Kent Rd.Sisters, Oregon 97759

Sunday, January 4th noon – 5pm and Thursday, January 8th 6pm – 8 pm (Thursday evening is optional)

 Please Bring:

        1. A pocket knife
        2. A journal for taking notes
        3. A small plastic or cloth baggie
        4. A rattle if you already have one
        5. An open mind and heart!