Empowering you to cultivate your relationship with the plant people

At the heart of our humanness is a wild and powerful spirit that thrives in the natural elements of Earth. Within everyone is the language of Nature, both universal and unique to our personal path. Discovering these ancient truths in an era of distraction, consumerism, and technology requires a willingness to look beyond the conventional story of life; it requires us to examine our place on this Earth in a new context and to act in ways of reciprocity for our lives upon it. Learning the skills of antiquity, such as using plants to heal is a gateway to the soul–our own and that of our planet. If you would like to taste your wild spirit, or learn the language of your Earth, please join us for this transformational meeting.

Journey with Plants that Purify

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

6pm – 8pm

Designed For Adults

Juniper Jungle Farm

• Receiving locally harvested plant medicines and knowledge of how to harvest more
• Learning the art of using plants for energetic purification
• Group discussion

The relationship between humans and plants is as old as the existence of humanity. They provide us with nourishment, medicine, comfort, beauty, and friendship, among so much more. In this class we will be exploring the use of plants for purifying the human emotional/energetic body. Any plant can have a therapeutic effect upon the human experience, and some are more inclined to this use than others. Our discussion will focus on how to develop a relationship with plant helpers and various practices that can lead us to a greater connection and love for the plant people. We will be sharing with participants several locally abundant plant medicines that have been used in many forms for physical/emotional/spiritual purification. Additionally, we we will explore several plants from South America that have been used for centuries for similar purposes. Come and celebrate the magic of the plant-human connection.