Evening Event – Nature Connection for Parents and Mentors

Amara and Buffalo DrumFor moms, dads, and mentors who want to support their children in opening the mystery and love of Nature

Wildheart’s Four Season Guide to Outdoor Activities & Crafts compressed

November 12th 6pm – 8pm
Hawthorn Healing Arts Center
Free (Donations accepted)
No registration required


Developing the Mind’s Eye
Cultivating Heart-Centered Earth Awareness
Communicating with Nature
Empowering your Natural Instincts and Intuition
Drum Journey

Butterfly on HandNature is always speaking to us. The language may be as loud as thunder, or as subtle as a dried leaf floating to the ground. The only barrier to cultivating a loving relationship with this Mother of all life is our choice to listen. We spend much of our time at Wildheart teaching children to hear Nature’s messages, which are hidden in plain sight. Recently, it has become clear to us that there is a great need for adult support in their process of opening to these subtle realities. As such, we are pleased to invite you, parent or not, to join us in this evening of experiential opening and heart-centered discussion on how we can deepen our own personal relationship with nature and self. We have seen countless children transformed by their interactions with the wild. Offering this to any child, or supporting one already in the process, is as simple as cultivating your own holistic connection to the natural world. Our aim in this evening is give you the tools and exercises necessary to deeply engage the forces of the earth that are your birthright to know and experience. The practice will be up to you to carry forth, both for our children and the future of our earth.

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