March 27th, 2020
“The Somatic Shaman: Moving Through the Dark Night to Enlightened Mental Health”

April 3rd, 2020
“Kambo: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Elevating Mood, Eliminating Parasites, Killing Candida, Boosting Immunity, Fortifying the Nervous System, and Waking up Full of Energy”

April 10th, 2020
“Radical Self-Responsibility: Transcending Suffering in the Present Moment”

April 24th, 2020
“Healing the Mother Wound: Rewilding Strategies to Regulate our Emotions and Heal our Trauma”

Soul Medicine Class Series

The Hive
7pm – 8pm
Geared for Adults Only

Join us for presentations, food, tea, songs, and storytelling for this Free Class Series hosted by Amara and Rainbow Dreamer!

In This Class Series, You’re Going to Discover:

– A step-by-step game plan to fortify your nervous system so you can thrive in stressful situations, even if there’s an enormous amount of pressure on you at work and home.
– The real culprit behind brain fog, fatigue, and panic attacks and how to eliminate the root cause even if you’ve suffered for years.
– How to turn off the worried mind so you can finally get a sound night’s sleep without supplements, pills, or white noise.
– AND…Why you feel like ‘something is missing’ and how this relates to ancient rites of passage.

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