Winter Break Camp

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Homeschool line up in the snowWinter is the season of cold winds, freezing snow, and short days. Plants are dormant and many animals are hibernating. Some, like the otter and the beaver, are perhaps just as active as in the spring/summer. At Wildheart’s Winter Break Camp we evoke the energy of these cold-loving creatures as we venture into the white fields of Skyliner Lodge. During these four magical days we will be making fire, building snow shelters, practicing magic, and learning how to find our way in a cold, sparkling world. Don’t let winter break end without diving into the magical opportunities nature provides during this frosty season!

“Wildheart Yeti Trackers” – Spaces Available

Kids surrounding live snow manTuesday, December 26th 2017

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 5 – 9

Skyliner Lodge

Registration ButtonWinter’s fierce hand has taken a firm grip on the land and Wildheart Yeti Trackers couldn’t be happier. These students live for the thrill of exploration and discovery. In that spirit, there is no greater pursuit than that of the ‘Ice People.’ Many have concluded that the Yeti are not real creatures, but rather myths and legends of an ancient time where superstition reigned. Wildheart Yeti Trackers know better! Their determination to discover magic and wonder is equaled only by their winter survival knowledge. Those who are brave enough to venture out with the Yeti will learn the essentials of survival in a harsh land, winter tracking of wildlife, and how to see beyond the veil of belief to discover the reality of mythical creatures.

“Wildheart Fire Dancers” – Spaces Available

Group with fire

Wednesday, December 27th 2017

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 5 – 9

Skyliner Lodge

Registration ButtonFire is a powerful element that has captivated the attention and demanded the respect of humans since the beginning of our time on Earth. Our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, light, making tools, cooking, purifying water, and as a gathering place to share stories and magic with each other. Truthfully, without fire there would be no human race today. The foundation of this camp is to create and maintain fires safely, as well as explore the magic and wonder of what fire can bring to our experience in nature. Fire safety is our top priority. If a child is not demonstrating the ability to be safe around fire, she/he will not be permitted to participate in fire making. Additionally, all instructors are certified in First Aid by the American Heart Association. We will be examining what is available to make a fire in the extreme conditions of winter. Primitive and modern techniques for creating a flame, including friction fire, will be demonstrated. Once our hearth has been ignited, we will gather around the warmth to tell stories, sip on warm drinks, and experience the ancient, wonderful magic of fire.

“Wildheart Snow Castle Sculptors” – Spaces Available

Willy in Snow Fort SquareThursday, December 28th 2017

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 7 – 11

Skyliner Lodge

Registration ButtonKids will have a chance to let out their inner builder and creative architect in this exciting outdoor adventure. The basics of winter shelter building will be covered and actively applied as the children build a primitive winter dwelling. With proper adornment, these dwellings can be transformed into snowy castles. There will be many challenges to face in this kingdom of ice and snow, and some of them will require an age old weapon: snowballs! Come sledding in if you’re ready to work, play, and have a blast learning how make a home in the ice.

“Wildheart Winter Survivors” – Spaces Available

ScarlettFriday, December 29th, 2017

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 7 – 11

Skyliner Lodge

Registration ButtonWildheart Winter Survivors know that emergencies are unpredictable. They also know that certain skills and behaviors will greatly increase one’s likelihood of surviving any disaster that arises. During our time together students will train in essential skills of winter survival, including shelter building, fire making, and emergency signaling. We will also cultivate the fundamental qualities of survivors, like a calm mind, an ability to make decisions, maintaining humor, and many more. Special Ops Survivors will learn to navigate the world of unpredictability while playing team games, making new friends, and preparing themselves to face the challenges of nature. If you would like to be a part of the new generation of survivors, then our Winter Survivors class is the place to be.


$57/Day Early Bird through November 20th


Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply! 

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