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Boy standing next to treeHuman culture is rapidly evolving and transforming in the global community. In this river of change we are being swept downstream in currents of technology and industry that our elders have only recently witnessed the birth of. Brand new ideas, new ways of connecting with each other, and new modes of defining our world have left us dizzy and in wonder. This blur of evolution has made it is easy to loose ourselves, to forget our humanity. In this immersive week we will gather together as males to remember our collective power in this evolution. As the boys walk the path of becoming young men, we will look at what it means to find compassion for one another and serve the people of our community as warriors of a new era. Being a healthy human requires balance, and we will actively embrace our softer natures, seeking to remember our feminine strengths. In the excursions we take into nature, we will quest to know our place in this evolving human picture and allow the positive potential of our future to be our guide. Boys who undergo this process will leave with a better understanding of how to keep their center amidst stressful situations, how to better manage their emotional reactions, how to find peace in a busy world, and how to be an example of what is right and true on their path. As we explore nature together, we will discover the positive qualities of masculinity, learn to work as a group, and find our place in this exciting space of the present moment.

Each student will create a personalized wizard staff (walking stick) that will aid him in honing his magical skills. For our returning students who already have a staff, we will be adding the next level of magical power to them. Second year students receive a mounted a crystal to the top and third year students receive a bundle with a combination of special animal and plant powers that are unique to them.

Students Will:

  • Learn stress management techniques and practice centering exercises to bring balance to emotional responses.
  • Explore how to sharpen the powers of their mind so that they can maintain focus for longer periods of time.
  • Attune to the natural environment through nature awareness practices, primitive skill development, and nature solos.
  • Develop their capacity for compassion through mindfulness practices and service to others.
  • Practice standing in their integrity with a supportive group, giving them the tools to integrate this behavior in everyday life.
  • Create a unique wizard staff walking stick.
  • Study potion making with local wild plants.
  • Learn to track local and magical creatures.
  • Develop intuitive powers.

Monday, July 30th – Friday, August 3rd

Boys, Ages 9 – 12 Wildheart Wizards 9am – 3:30pm  Skyliners Lodge

9am – 3:30pm Camp: 

$247 Per Week Early Bird / $267 Per Week After February 26th + $17 materials fee

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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