Dragon Riders

Wildheart Dragon Riders are seasoned adventurers who crave accomplishing the impossible!

Students Will:

  • Receive a dragon with a particular power to ride
  • Create maps in order to accomplish fantastical missions
  • Learn to use a compass and read maps to search for hidden treasure
  • Practice survival skills
  • Cultivate mind’s eye powers to aid them in their adventures

Dates, Times, Locations, and Ages:

  • Monday, June 25th – Friday, June 29th

Ages 6 – 9 Wildheart Dragon Riders 9am – 3:30pm Skyliners Lodge

  • Monday, July 2nd – Friday, July 6th

Please Note: July 4th not included automatically. Sold separately as a session option when registering.

Ages 5 – 8 Wildheart Dragon Riders 9am – 1pm Juniper Jungle Learning Farm

  • Monday, July 30th – Friday, August 3rd

Ages 6 – 9 Wildheart Dragon Riders 9am – 3:30pm Skyliners Lodge

Class Description:

Survival skills are essential to every rider, as unexpected events are the norm when it comes to dealing with dragons. Thus, we will spend our time fine tuning our skills of nature dependence, learning to find what we need in any situation. Of course, map skills are also high on the agenda of a Wildheart Rider, and we will develop our ability to use and create accurate maps. Our time in this study would not be complete without adventurous challenges that put our newly learned skills to the test. Be prepared to find hidden treasures and traverse diverse obstacles in the process. If your skills in earth technology will not help you, then your skills in magic must. A dragon rider often depends on the mind’s eye to complete a journey, and we will help any aspiring riders to access this most magical of tools. If adventure is your middle name, then hop on a winged reptile and meet us at Wildheart Dragon Riders.


9am – 1pm Camp: 

$150 Per Week Early Bird / $160 Per Week After February 26th

9am – 3:30pm Camp: 

$247 Per Week Early Bird / $267 Per Week After February 26th

Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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