Spring Break Camp

Registration ButtonEach day of camp will be an adventure as we uncover a new story that will teach us about the earth and about ourselves!

madeline-hugging-tree-sqauareSpring is a time of new growth, birth, and excitement. At Wildheart Nature School, it is an opportunity to rekindle our passion for being outside after a long and cold winter. Come join us for our Spring Break Camp this March! We will be facilitating a variety of activities such as fire making, attuning to the wild, tracking, primitive skills, survival skills, nature songs, and much more! Each child is bound to leave with a wealth of memories, new knowledge, and excitement for the coming season!

“Wildheart Middle Earth Magicians– Spaces available

Boy with wizard staff, drum and rattleMonday, March 26th, 2018

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 6 – 10

Skyliner Lodge 

Registration ButtonMiddle Earth can be a treacherous world of magical spells, messy politics, unforgiving rules of survival, and mysterious dangers lurking within every forest. For our Middle Earth Magicians, this sounds like a marvelous place to call home. Why? Because Wildheart Magicians know the secrets of how to command their magical power and they are masters of compromise and negotiation. The forest and all of it’s mysteries are great allies to a Magician and they rely upon their skills of nature connection and survival to thrive in a hostile world. All of the kingdoms in Middle Earth, including the elves, trolls, hobbits, and dwarves respect their Magicians as leaders and guides. As such, we will embark upon a great journey exploring the realms of self mastery and peace. We will learn to speak with the elements of nature and form alliances with our plant, animal and mineral allies. Group challenges will test the Magician’s skill of creativity and dark forces will be battled with a peaceful passion. If all goes according to plan, and with the helping hand of fate on our side, stories of our time together will be told across the kingdom for ages to come.

“Wildheart Bigfoot Fanatics” – Spaces available

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 6 – 10

Skyliner Lodge 

Registration ButtonWhy are Bigfoot believers and raving lunatics often mentioned in the same breath? Simple: Bigfoot believers are often CRAZY-cool people! That’s why we’ve created Wildheart Bigfoot Fanatics. If you are convinced that mysteries in the forest still exist, that humans have barely scratched the surface of who bigfoot may be, and you feel inspired to journey out and discover the truth for yourself, then you may be a CRAZY-perfect fit for this inspiring class. Bigfoot fanatics will train in the skill of tracking, as it is crucial to be able to discern typical animal and human prints from the elusive bigfoot track. They will also practice in the art of invisibility to better understand such a stealthy creature. This skill will be practiced in team games in order to test our abilities of tracking an elusive target. Finally, students will learn to navigate the delicate relationship of reciprocity between themselves and nature which is a common theme in many bigfoot experiences. Whether or not we encounter the most mysterious creature in our forests, there is sure to be a bounty of fun, stories, and laughter.

Wildheart Mythic Mermaids” – Spaces available

Mythic mermaids
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

9am – 3:30pm

Girls Ages 6 – 10

Skyliner Lodge 

Registration ButtonWildheart Mythic Mermaids know that water is the source of all life. They also know that water creatures need a healthy riparian zone in order to survive. During our time together, students will immerse themselves in the mythic watery realms as they study riparian plants, animals, and the creek itself. We will share stories of mythic mermaids from Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Mermaids have a reputation for their breathtaking voices. We will activate our voices in the form of toning and songs. If you love to play in the watery domain with the willow, crawdads, and otter then Mythic Mermaids is the place to be!

“Wildheart Hobbit & Faerie Hunters” – Spaces available

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 5 – 9

Skyliner Lodge 

Registration ButtonNature is the perfect place to receive creative inspiration, and seek out the fantastical. During our day of Wildheart Hobbit & Faerie Hunters, we will be doing just that! We will ‘hunt’ for perfect hobbit & faerie habitat, and create houses out of plants and natural materials for them to visit and enjoy. As we unleash our creativity, we will learn the types of plants each magical creature prefers, based on the plant’s medicinal, or lack thereof, value. We will also discover what animals are friends with our hobbits & faeries based on what habitat they share. Throughout the week, we will practice hearing the language of birds, which all fantasy creatures know, so that we can decipher the messages of the winged ones. To prevent our magical friends from becoming lonely when the week is over, each student will take home a finished hobbit/faerie house to bring the magic with them. Join us for song, play, art, creativity and fun!

“Wildheart Witches & Wizards” – Spaces available

Group of kids with instructor on Deschutes RiverFriday, March 30th, 2018

9am – 3:30pm

Ages 5 – 9 

Skyliner Lodge 

Registration Button

Wildheart Witches and Wizards harness the energies of the animals, plants, and elements to develop their magical powers during this intensive training day. Subjects include potion making, care and study of magical creatures, intuition, and transfiguration into different local animals. Each student will create a personalized wand that will aid them in honing their magical skills. Don’t miss this wonderful journey into the heart of spring’s magic!

Students Will:

  • Create a unique wand with elements and powers from the forest
  • Participate in care and study of magical creatures activities
  • Develop intuitive powers
  • Learn the art of transfiguration into local and mythic animals


$57*/Day Early Bird through February 1st, 2018


*Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply! 

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