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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 "Middle Earth Magicians"

Ages 5 – 10
Skyliner Lodge
Over Half Full

Middle Earth can be a treacherous world of magical spells, messy politics, unforgiving rules of survival, and mysterious dangers lurking within every forest. For our Middle Earth Magicians, this sounds like a marvelous place to call home. Why? Because Wildheart Magicians know the secrets of how to command their magical power and they are masters of compromise and negotiation. The forest and all of it’s mysteries are great allies to a Magician and they rely upon their skills of nature connection and survival to thrive in a hostile world. All of the kingdoms in Middle Earth, including the elves, trolls, hobbits, and dwarves respect their Magicians as leaders and guides. As such, we will embark upon a great journey exploring the realms of self mastery and peace. We will learn to speak with the elements of nature and form alliances with our plant, animal and mineral allies. Group challenges will test the Magician’s skill of creativity and dark forces will be battled with a peaceful passion. If all goes according to plan, and with the helping hand of fate on our side, stories of our time together will be told across the kingdom for ages to come.

Students Will:

  • Learn wilderness survival skills
  • Map the Middle Earth territories
  • Practice problem solving and teamwork during group challenges
  • Form alliances with local animals and plants
  • Practice the art of illusion with magic tricks
General Information

During the school year there are holidays and parent teacher conferences that elicit days off from school. We consider this an excellent opportunity for kids to get outside, learn, and have fun with us at Skyliner Lodge! The dates below represent the Bend-Lapine school district days off. Each day has a different theme.

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 "Beaver Builders"

Ages 5 – 10
Skyliner Lodge
Over Half Full

Kids will have a chance to let out their inner builder and creative architect in this exciting outdoor adventure. Shelters keep us warm, give us shade, and provide us with a temporary home outside. The basics of shelter building will be covered and actively applied as the children build a home base for their team. Through bartering and teamwork, each ‘tribe’ will be able to face the challenges of living in a dynamic community and creatively find ways to fill the needs of the whole. Children will learn the importance of living near the riparian zone, who their nearest animal and plant neighbors are, and what resources are available for use to create a comfortable village experience.

Students Will:

  • Learn the core principles of sound shelter building
  • Discover what materials are readily available in the surrounding environment
  • Practice working together as a cooperative whole
  • Play games that will help them become familiar with local plants and animals
Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Drop-off window is between 8:45am – 9am
Pick-up window is between 3:15pm – 3:45pm

Friday, April 13th, 2018 "Stone Age Sculptors"

Ages 6 – 11
Skyliner Lodge
Over Half Full

Students will learn to look at the world with a ‘primitive eye,’ assessing what life-giving materials are available in their immediate surroundings. Stone Age humans relied upon natural technologies to secure all of life’s necessities. Their skills and tools were not only adequate for a thriving life, they were so effective that ancient peoples had ample time to create art, stories, and the cultures which came to define our species. In this class we will be calling upon the spirit of our Stone Age ancestors. Students will learn to look at the world with a ‘primitive eye,’ assessing what life-giving materials are available in their immediate surroundings. We will share stories and play games as ancient humans once did. As a capstone craft, everyone will have the chance to create a stone bead using only natural materials and Stone Age grit. This ‘primitive bling’ will be theirs to take home and show off to the modern world. If your ready to dive into the consciousness of a caveman (or woman), than join us for this wild outing!

Students Will:

  • Learn primitive stone carving methods
  • Come away with a stone necklace
  • Learn about edible and medicinal plants

$57/Day Early Bird Rate Through September 12th, 2017
$67/Day Regular
Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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