No School Nature Days

Ages 5 – 12       October – April, 2018       Skyliner Lodge

Join us at nature school where learning and fun are one! Parent teacher conferences, Thanksgiving Break, Veterans Day, and other holidays elicit days off from school. We invite you to join us for one of our exciting themes this coming year! The dates below correspond to school days off as shown on the Bend/Lapine School Disctrict schedule.
Friday, February 1st, 2019 “Fire Dancers”

Ages 6 – 10 Skyliner Lodge

Fire is a powerful element that has captivated the attention and demanded the respect of humans since the beginning of our time on Earth. Our ancestors relied on fire for warmth, light, making tools, cooking, purifying water, and as a gathering place to share stories and magic with each other. Truthfully, without fire there would be no human race today. The foundation of this camp is to create and maintain fires safely, as well as explore the magic and wonder of what fire can bring to our experience in nature. Fire safety is our top priority. If a child is not demonstrating the ability to be safe around fire, she/he will not be permitted to participate in fire making. Additionally, all instructors are certified in First Aid by the American Heart Association. We will be examining what is available to make a fire. Once our hearth has been ignited, we will gather around the warmth to tell stories, sip on warm drinks, and experience the ancient, wonderful magic of fire.

Students Will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of fire safety
  • Practice creating a tinder bundle from surrounding resources
  • Experience the magic of fire with songs and storytelling
Monday, February 18th, 2019 “Witches and Wizards”

Ages 5 – 10 Skyliner Lodge

Welcome to the Wildheart School of Wizardry! Subjects include potion making, care and study of magical creatures, intuition, and transfiguration into different local animals. Each student will create a personalized wizard wand that will aid them in honing their magical skills.

Students Will:

  • Create a unique wand
  • Study potion making with local wild plants
  • Participate in care and study of magical creatures activities
  • Develop intuitive powers
  • Learn the art of transfiguration into local and mythic animals
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 “Middle Earth Magicians”

Ages 6 – 10 Skyliner Lodge

Middle Earth can be a treacherous world of magical spells, messy politics, unforgiving rules of survival, and mysterious dangers lurking within every forest. For our Middle Earth Magicians, this sounds like a marvelous place to call home. Why? Because Wildheart Magicians know the secrets of how to command their magical power and they are masters of compromise and negotiation. The forest and all of it’s mysteries are great allies to a Magician and they rely upon their skills of nature connection and survival to thrive in a hostile world. All of the kingdoms in Middle Earth, including the elves, trolls, hobbits, and dwarves respect their Magicians as leaders and guides. As such, we will embark upon a great journey exploring the realms of self mastery and peace. We will learn to speak with the elements of nature and form alliances with our plant, animal and mineral allies. Group challenges will test the Magician’s skill of creativity and dark forces will be battled with a peaceful passion. If all goes according to plan, and with the helping hand of fate on our side, stories of our time together will be told across the kingdom for ages to come.

Students Will:

  • Learn wilderness survival skills
  • Map the Middle Earth territories
  • Practice problem solving and teamwork during group challenges
  • Form alliances with local animals and plants
  • Practice the art of illusion with magic tricks
Thursday, April 11th, 2019 “Hobbit and Faerie Hunters”

Ages 5 – 10 Skyliner Lodge

During our day of Wildheart Hobbit & Faerie Hunters, we will be doing just that! Kids will ‘hunt’ for perfect hobbit & faerie habitat, and create houses out of plants and natural materials for them to visit and enjoy. As participants unleash their creativity, they will learn the types of plants each magical creature prefers, based on the plant’s medicinal, or lack thereof, value. We will also discover what animals are friends with our hobbits & faeries based on what habitat they share. One important aspect of making faerie houses is choosing where to build. For this, we will wind our way through the trees and around the riverside stones in search of locations that will be the most likely to attract magical creatures. Throughout the day, we will practice hearing the language of birds, which all fantasy creatures know, so that we can decipher the messages of the winged ones. Join us for song, play, art, creativity and fun!

Students Will:

  • Open their awareness to explore hidden faerie and hobbit habitats
  • Build hobbit and faerie houses
  • Activate houses with tones, potions, and chants
  • Sing faerie songs
  • Discover plant and animal friends of the magical forest creatures
Friday, April 12th, 2019 “Mythic Mermaids and Mermen”

Ages 5 – 10 Skyliner Lodge

Wildheart Mythic Mermaids and Mermen know that water is the source of all life. They also know that water creatures need a healthy riparian zone in order to survive. During our time together, students will immerse themselves in the mythic watery realms as they study riparian plants, animals, and the river itself. We will share stories of mythic mermaids and mermen from Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Mermaids and mermen have a reputation for their breathtaking voices. We will activate our voices in the form of toning and songs. If you love to play in the watery domain with the willow, crawdads, and otter then Mythic Mermaids and Mermen is the place to be!

Students Will:

  • Explore riparian plants, animals, and critters
  • Build riparian houses for fantasy creatures
  • Hear mermaid and mermen legends from all over the world
  • Sing mermaid and mermen songs
  • Spend lots of time splashing and playing in the water
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Drop-off window is between 8:45am – 9am Pick-up window is between 3:15pm – 3:45pm
$57/Day Early Bird Rate Through September 12th, 2018 $67/Day Regular Payment Plans are available through our registration system. Sibling and Multi-Session Discounts Apply!

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