Homeschool Tracker’s Club

Ages 6 – 12       Fall 2018 & Spring 2019       Skyliner Lodge

Tracker’s Club is for homeschool families who want their children to understand and feel deeply connected to the
natural world. 

Children Will:

  • Develop a deeper connection with nature
  • Gain knowledge about local plants, animals, and ecosystems in Central Oregon
  • Learn interpersonal skills and make friends
  • Become better at maintaining focus
  • Learn how to thrive in challenging situations
  • Exercise their growing minds so that they can develop in a positive and healthy setting
Your programs have changed my son’s life in very powerful ways. He learned to embrace his uniqueness! I saw him grow into a more confident young man that is more in touch with himself on a spiritual level and with nature. He learned to be quiet within himself and for him that has been profound!

Thank you for all you offer! Jenny Kettle

Program Description

Our Tracker’s Club homeschool program consists of outings that provide adventure and rich learning opportunities for children ages 6 – 12. The program is open to all families, even if you do not homeschool. Spending time outdoors learning, playing, and exploring has countless benefits for children’s emotions, physical health, social development, and happiness.* In the Tracker’s Club program, we venture to natural areas within and surrounding Bend, Oregon, allowing participants to experience and study the land they call home. Each class has a unique and fun theme such as “Survival Skills” and “Tracking.” Although we follow a curriculum, we also welcome spontaneous exploration, investigation, and intuitive changes of focus. Our learning philosophies and many of our activities are inspired by Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young, Ellen Haas, and Evan McGown. We highly encourage you to read this literature to gain a better understanding of our program. Participants document their experiences in a journal that they can reflect upon and cherish for many years to come. We facilitate a variety of activities such as nature arts and crafts, attuning to the wild, tracking, primitive skills, survival skills, nature songs, and much more!

*Health Benefits to Children From Contact with the Outdoors & Nature is an essay that outlines the many reasons why spending time in nature is essential to children’s well being.

Fall 2018 Class Schedule

Tuesdays September 25th, 2018 – November 27th, 2018
10am – 3pm
Ages 6 – 12

“Community & Ecology” – September 25th, 2018 – Skyliner Lodge
“Wild Tea” – October 2nd, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Animal Senses” – October 9th, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Scavenger Hunt” – October 16th, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Camouflage” – October 23rd, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Cycle of the Seasons Fall Celebration” – October 30th, 2018 – Skyliner Lodge
“Tracking” – November 6th, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Mapping & Navigation” – November 13th, 2018  – Skyliner Lodge
“Shelter Building” – November 20th, 2018 – Skyliner Lodge
“Cold Weather Survival” – November 27th, 2018 – Skyliner Lodge


$444 Early Bird through August 31st, 2018/ $467 Regular
$50 Drop-In.

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

Tuesdays March 5th – May 14th, 2019
10am – 3pm
Ages 6 – 12

“Fire Building and Safety” – March 5th, 2019 – Skyliner Lodge
“Primitive Skills” – March 12th, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Survival Shelter Building” – March 19th, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Local Animals” – April 2nd, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Advanced Camouflage” – April 9th, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Map and Compass” – April 16th, 2019 – Skyliner Lodge
“Waterways and Riparian Zones” – April 23rd, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Cycle of the Seasons Spring Celebration” – April 30th, 2019  – Skyliner Lodge
“Botany” – May 7th, 2019 – Skyliner Lodge
“Wild Tea Making” – May 14th, 2019 – Skyliner Lodge


$444 Early Bird through February 1st/ $467 Regular

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