Turning off Tumalo Falls

Life on earth cannot exist without water. Of all the strange and bizarre life forms that we have discovered, not one can live without its presence. Water is not only an essential element to life, it is also an element we share with every other living thing. This may...

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The Superpower You Didn’t Know You Had

Summer camps are completed for the year and Amara and I have a little time to relax, enjoy the beautiful space we call Central Oregon and reflect on all of the magical experiences we’ve had this dry (so very dry) season. One such reflection has been our focus this...

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House Fire Erupts: Photo Op or Rescue Effort?

We spend such a great deal of time navigating the challenges and demands of the 21st century that carving out the space to spend still moments in nature can seem like a most burdensome feat. There are the obvious obstacles like work, endless to-do lists, maintaining...

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Finding Home in Nature

Dear Friends, Have you ever had a peak experience in life only to find the excitement and the inspiration fade over time? A few days ago, Angela Morrill from Camp Fire asked me a really potent question about finding connection with nature on a daily basis. This is a...

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Fun Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

Dear Friends, It's almost Easter! I remember Easter being one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I would wake up to an overflowing basket of candy next to my bed, decorated with ribbons and smelling like chocolate. Immediately following, I would get straight to the...

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Epic Adventure in Peru

Dear Friends and Families, As many of you know, we have been in Peru for the last few weeks, celebrating life, making many ceremonies and filling up our souls with the amazing magic of the Andes. It was a most spectacular journey and we are feeling so blessed that we...

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3 Upcoming Adult Workshops

Happy 2015! What a year it has been! Dreamer and I just completed our Winter Break Camp out at Skyliner Lodge and it was really fun. In fact, we have been having a lot of fun this year and it's looking like there is an abundance more to come in the next. We love...

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Hello Central Oregon Families, This fall has been a lightning storm of activity and growth for me, and with this recent snow on the ground begging us to listen to the still quiet of winter, I thought I’d take a moment to slow down and check in with you all. As many of...

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Ancient Practice of Gifting the Earth

Dear Friends, As some of you already know, Dreamer and I have a passion for travel and one of our favorite places on the planet is Peru. There is such rich cultural history there and many people still live very close to the earth. Driving through the country side,...

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