Skyliner Lodge

16125 Skyliners Road, Bend Oregon 97701

We DO NOT recommend plugging this address into your GPS device. If you are going to use your GPS, plug in Miller Elementary School: 300 NW Crosby Dr, Bend, OR 97701 and then continue along Skyliners Road until you see Skyliner Lodge on your left. Skyliner Lodge is 8 miles west of downtown Bend on Skyliners Road. Skyliners Road is west off of Mt. Washington Drive. You will know you are on the right road when you pass Miller Elementary School on your right. It is just before the bridge you have to cross in order to drive to Tumalo Falls. Please observe the 25 mph speed limit through the historic Skyliner neighborhood.

The High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) has entered into a long term lease agreement with the Forest Service for Skyliner Lodge. The goal is to use the facility for conservation, outdoor and natural resource education in addition to educational meetings. This is an excellent location with access to nature areas in a rich riparian zone. There are a lot of mosquitoes in this region so it is important to bring good repellent during spring and summer months.

Note: Amara’s phone does not have service at Skyliner Lodge so if you need to get a hold of us during class please try Dreamer at 541-410-8301. He can then get a hold of our instructors if he is not the one at the lodge.


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