Attuning to the Wild

Camouflage and stalking
Being silent in the woods
Scavenger hunts
Identifying birds and bird calls
Learning bird language
Identifying plants
Heightening the senses

Primitive & Survival Skills

Natural rope making
Rabbit hide tanning
Shelter building
Survival skills
Making primitive crafts
Hand drill fire starting
Knife Making
Knotless Netting
Rattle Making
Drum Making
Bow Making

Community & Ecology

Exploration teams
Team building challenges
Trust building activities
Communication skills
Environmental stewardship
Nature appreciation activities
Discussing conventional and alternative histories

Nature Alchemy

Making natural glue
Becoming a master tea brewer
Making natural dyes
Making skin elixirs (making salves)
Making natural dyes
Making mad chemist tool kits
Making poultices

Wild Food & Farming

Identifying edible & medicinal plants
Making recipes with wild plants
Cooking food over open fire
Making seed balls
Experiencing animals on the farm
Planting seeds

Nature Arts & Crafts

Art in nature
Making journals
Wildlife tracking and sketching
Making hobbit and faerie Houses
Mask Making                                                     Creating with primitive glue
Leaf rubbings


 Ceremony, Song & Dance

Nature songs
Gratitude circles
Ecstatic dance
Vision boards
Earth offerings
Making animal calls
Making faerie and hobbit tones
Nature-made instruments
Exploring movement in the wild