Tuning human awareness to Earth’s harmony



Explore our seven weeks of Summer camp for children ages 5 – 12. Popular themes include Unicorn Whisperers, Witches & Wizards, Juniper Jedis, Hobbit & Faerie Hunters, Mythic Mermaids, Dragon Riders, and so much more!

Sacred Arts School of Wizardry 2019/2020

If you love our programs and would like to dive in deeper, join us for our exciting 8-month alchemical program!
For ages 6-10.

Fall Homeschool Tracker's Club

Tracker’s Club is for families who want their children to understand and feel deeply connected to the
natural world. Open to non-homeschoolers as well! For ages 6 – 12

My boys get so much out of Wildheart Nature School, from learning survival skills, to polishing their powers of observation, to increasing their appreciation of all living things, but one of the very best things is their desire to show us where they’ve been. I couldn’t be happier that they want to spend their time outdoors, in the forest or by the river, looking for animals or signs of animals, telling us what plants are edible, and more. Wildheart Nature School is truly phenomenal! – Nicole Hunzicker

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