Wildheart Nature School offers transformational experiences in the beautiful wild lands of Central Oregon.  We offer a variety of classes, camps, and ceremonies year-round for children, teens, and adults.

Time and play in nature is more important than most parents realize. Of the many moons humans have walked upon this planet, only in recent years have we spent so much time indoors with televisions, phones, and computers that enable us to become increasingly removed from material and social reality. There have been countless studies in recent years illuminating why spending time outdoors is vital for children’s development…read more!

Our Mission

Wildheart Nature School is dedicated to empowering young people and adults through our holistic model of nature connection.

My boys get so much out of Wildheart Nature School, from learning survival skills, to polishing their powers of observation, to increasing their appreciation of all living things, but one of the very best things is their desire to show us where they’ve been – Shevlin Park, Tumalo State Park, Dillon Falls… Every weekend following nature class, the boys ask, no insist, that we go see what they have seen. I couldn’t be happier that they want to spend their time outdoors, in the forest or by the river, looking for animals or signs of animals, telling us what plants are edible, and more. Wildheart Nature School is truly phenomenal!

-Nicole H, May, 2012